Kidnapped and killed by security forces

Mohammad Naderipour was kidnappaed by plain cloth security forces. His body was found after 48 hours in a veichle.
The identity of an Iranian student, who had been killed by Iranian regime’s suppressive agents following the recent nationwide uprising, was revealed. The body of Mohammad Naderipour, a civil engineering at Sirjan School of Engineering was found 48 hours after his abduction on July 1st, an Iranian website reported.
The report quoted a close relatives of Mr. Naderpour that he was abducted by plain clothes agents at 7:00 PM on July 1st while leaving the school. “His body was found in his car 48 hours later.”
He added that the corpse was carried to the coroner’s office for examination and the cause of death was reported as “a direct blow to his head.” Iranian regime’s agents have told the family to bury the body immediately.
A number of plain clothes agents and security forces were present at the funeral service that was held in the village of his birth place, he said.
This report added that Mr. Naderipour’s family has been silent because they were concerned that another member of their family would be abducted.


    • علی
    • 13 سپتامبر 2009

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